Design your Dream Kitchen with Luxuria 3D virtual kitchen planner (Think it, Design it and Install it)

Bring your dream kitchen to life using our virtual kitchen planner.

Your dream kitchen is now just a click away. Compare your options and plan the perfect layout; find inspiration, explore finishes and mix and match cabinets and counter tops to get the perfect result.

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How to plan your kitchen


The kitchen is evolving. For many of us, it’s no longer just a room for preparing food and doing chores. It’s a place to dine, gather and entertain. It may even double as a living room, complete with television, radio or sound system.

When you’re planning a new kitchen, it’s tempting to keep the arrangement of appliances much the same as they already are. But there may be a better way. Start from scratch, consider your lifestyle and how you and your family use the room: you might discover all kinds of new possibilities.

Your kitchen will be defined by the size of your room, so it’s important to measure it correctly and then select a layout that works best for you.


Like any recipe, you must measure the ingredients. Be sure to measure the following in your kitchen:

  • The height of the room from the floor to the ceiling
  • The length and width of the room wall-to-wall
  • All walls to doorways
  • The height from the floor to any windows
  • The location of any old or new light switches and any existing services like plumbing

Remember the golden triangle rule – the space between the fridge, cooktop and oven and sink. To minimize movement, the optimal distance between each of these spaces is 1200mm.


There are several options when it comes to layout. If you are renovating an old kitchen, you will also need to take into account existing fittings. If it’s a new space, you can select a layout that best suits your needs. Our kitchen design software is an expert system that will consider all the kitchen design principles.

Most kitchens fall into four basic designs: a single line of units, a double line (galley), and an L-shaped or U-shaped format. By combining cabinets imaginatively in these arrangements, it’s easy to transform your kitchen to suit your lifestyle.

As most activities in a typical kitchen revolve around the ‘work triangle’ of sink, fridge and cooker, it’s a good idea to start with these elements when planning your layout. Try them in different arrangements. For maximum efficiency, a work triangle should be neither too cramped nor too spread out: the combined distance of its three sides should be no less than 3.6 meters but no more than 7 meters.

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