How To Measure Your Kitchen


Accurate measurements are the foundation stone for a well designed kitchen. But this theory, by and large, applies to every part of your home. But of course a kitchen is one place that you cannot do without because it is going to be used the most and therefore needs to have everything put in the right place so that elegance, functionality and ease of use are all retained at the same time. Measuring accurately is no rocket science but applying a few tricks to this task gives you excellent results.

Tricks to Measure Your Kitchen Like A Pro

With a little help from us anyone can measure a kitchen like a pro. We are focusing on the kitchen right now as it is known to be the most complex room to measure. Keep the bigger picture in mind, take care of all the nick-knacks and see your ‘dream kitchen’ take shape. To achieve this you must:

details_icon1 Keep your measurements in inches at all times.

details_icon1 Draw the door designs keeping in mind the direction the door will swing.

details_icon1 If you have to work around existing kitchen furniture do keep that in mind. Additionally don’t forget to take measurements of tables or other furniture that you would want to include in your new kitchen. If possible take photographs because their optimum placement is part of any design process keeping progress on track.

details_icon1 Indicate the exact position for the cooking range, wall-oven and microwave. Indicate whether these gadgets run on gas or electricity. This aids in apt placements. Also keep in mind the additional 230v outlets or gas lines coming into the kitchen if any.

details_icon1 Prioritize on the list all the features that the space would include.

details_icon1 Dream as big as you like. You might just be able to work it in.

Eventually you will settle on a concept and a budget that works for you.

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