Environmental responsibility


Environmentally-friendly Production

Different from the traditional production technology, our supplier completely adopts mechanical production with high productivity. Its workers only need to operate the information technology equipments, which help them to achieve the complex manufacturing process, like cutting, cropping, edge banding and drilling. This precise processing can not only save manpower and materials but also reduce unit energy consumption. Besides, reasonable resource resetting of information is helping the company to decrease consumption of carbon. For example, only 100 sets of kitchen cabinets could be produced through 100 kilowatts power transformer before adopting mechanical production but now, output per unit has been up to 200 sets of kitchen cabinets in the same way. As a result of that, the cost per unit of output has been significantly reduced.

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Environmentally-friendly Raw Materials

The manufacturer uses 4 kinds of base materials conforming to the European E1 Grade for Environmental Friendly raw materials, that including Particle Board, MDF, Block Board, and Plywood. All these raw materials are used for furniture manufacturing, and meet the highest rating available. This rating system, which was created by the European Union in Brussels, is the most stringent rating system for furniture products in the world. This system rates furniture according to the amount of chemicals used in the manufacturing process, the degree of dangerous off gassing of formaldehyde and other toxic gasses, and the source of base materials used.

Each product is then assigned a rating with “E-1” being the best rating with zero off-gassing and “E-5” being the worst with significant off-gassing. The E-1 standard is the highest rating possible with zero off gassing. All our cabinets and other products are rated E-1.

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